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Nov 13

Restore Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Joined P.S. 11 Queens Health and Fitness Fair


P.S. 11 Queens Kathryn M. Phelan School, located at 54-25 Skillman Avenue, Woodside, NY, recently held their Health and Fitness Fair last Saturday, November 8, 2014. The Restore Plus Team was invited to participate and we were more than happy to join. It was fun to see kids in the school run around asking questions and getting checked from their teeth to their diet. The parents were very much interested as well.


Even the teachers at P.S. 11 Queens joined in on the fun. There were plenty of services for the parents ranging from blood pressure check to cancer screening for men and women. The Restore Plus team did their share handing out handouts for various topics like Neck Pain, Back Pain, Fall Prevention, Shoulder Dislocation Prevention and Proper Body Mechanics. The handouts were very much in demand. Almost everyone took a copy of the neck and back pain handouts since these are the most common types of pain most people feel. The Fall Prevention handout also got the attention of a lot of people. Since winter is coming, several people mentioned this as very timely and hope that armed with this new knowledge, they can avoid falling. Or if they do fall, they can manage to fall safely and avoid serious injuries. The Shoulder Dislocation Prevention handout hit home for a couple of parents with their kids having this problem. They are hoping that these exercises can help their kids avoid surgery in the future. Aside from the handouts, we also conducted free screening for those who are already in pain, answered people’s questions and concerns and suggested some basic home treatment techniques to help with their condition.

Overall, everyone had a good time and was happy to be able to reach out to the community in our own little way.

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