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Dec 7

Fall Prevention Workshop at Catherine Sheridan Senior Residence


We just concluded another successful Fall Prevention Workshop this time at the Catherine Sheridan Senior Residence in Astoria, NY. Now that winter is coming, this fall prevention workshop could not have come at a much better time. And the Catherine Sheridan Senior Residence in Astoria, NY is a very good venue for it. There are a lot of active seniors that live here. And most of them are very much worried about falling when the snow arrives. And maybe it was because of this that we had another successful workshop. It was a smaller group than the previous workshop but the participants were very active and had a lot of good questions. Most of them were from personal experiences. Participants were busy writing down notes on what to do at home to make them safer. Everyone likes the part where we demonstrated how to fit and use their assistive devices properly. They did not know that by not using it correctly, they are more likely to fall than without using an assistive device. And in the event that they do fall, everybody was so interested to know that there is a proper and easier way to get up. One participant had a recent fall and she did not know how to get up. After I showed her how, she wished she had known this before. And in the worst case scenario that they cannot move or get up, I shared with them what they can do instead. To add more to the fun, we gave away 2 prizes for the attendees which everyone wanted. At the end of the workshop, everybody was very glad they attended it and they now have more knowledge about the thing that they are so afraid of. I am glad to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge with them and received their appreciation.

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