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  • Clinic

    ClinicSpacious area with excellent mix of physical therapy and exercise equipment that will benefit a wide range of patients
    from the frail to the ones with high demands.

  • Laser

    LaserGet pain relief without drugs or surgery using our FDA approved Laser Therapy. The same laser used by professional sports
    teams including the NBA, MLB and NHL.

  • Kinesio Taping

    Kinesio TapingReduce pain and prevent aggravating your injury while playing. Kinesio Taping allows you to get back to the action sooner
    and safer

    Kinesio Taping
  • Strengthening

    StrengtheningReceive expert instruction and guidance from highly trained staff together with exemplary quality of service that
    will meet your satisfaction.

  • Fall Prevention

    Fall Prevention / Balance TrainingFalling is not part of the aging process. We can help you reduce your risk for falls and injuries and help you improve your
    ability to do your daily activities and become more independent.

    Fall Prevention / Balance Training
  • Sports Rehab

    Sports RehabilitationEveryone wants to be on top of their game. Receive expert treatment, instruction and guidance on how to recover from
    your injury and how to prevent your injury from recurring.

    Sports Rehabilitation

Our Benefits

  1. Personal, compassionate and highly trained staff
  2. Patient get better faster
  3. Evidence-based treatments
  4. Excellent mix of equipment
  5. Continued support after physical therapy


About Us

At Restore Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we promote life. We believe in adding not only years to your life but adding quality to your life as well

Restore Plus Physical Therapy in Long Island City, Sunnyside, NY

Physical Therapy in Long Island City, Sunnyside, NY is not the same at every clinic. At Restore Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we enhance your quality of life. We restore your function or relieve your pain PLUS the kind and caring personality of our Restore Plus Physical Therapy team will make that road to recovery much more enjoyable. You are not just a number to us. That is why you will find the best physical therapy in Long Island City and Sunnyside at our facility.

Physical Therapy in Long Island City, NY
Physical Therapy in Sunnyside, NY

For Physical Therapy in Long Island City, NY and Physical Therapy in Sunnyside, NY, simply getting better is not enough for us. We want you to feel good while getting better. At Restore Plus Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our dedicated and welcoming staff creates an environment optimal for healing. The waiting area makes you feel relaxed and comfortable while the treatment area gets you energized to do your exercises. Our Restore Plus Physical Therapy team is highly trained, conscientious and compassionate while providing personalized, top quality treatments to each patient to help them regain their quality of life by restoring function, decreasing pain and increasing strength. You will find the best physical therapists Long Island City and Sunnyside has to offer at our facility. We first do a complete and thorough assessment of the patient’s problem and needs, and then work with the patient to reach their goal and restore their quality of life. The perfect combination of personality, advance knowledge, experience and equipment make this all possible. But it does not end there. Even after you are discharged from therapy, we are still with you. The patient support that our patients enjoy after their discharge from physical therapy is beyond comparison – from our post rehab wellness program to our staff’s accessibility to answer questions you may have. If you have pain, injury or weakness, don’t wait much longer. We can help. Get it treated before it gets worse. CALL TODAY AND GET A FREE SCREENING to determine if we are the right place for you.

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